Marae is our principal home in which we strive to retain, practice and emulate the positive traditions that identify us as Māori. At the core of our being is the ritual to farewell our people within our cultural practices. Whakatū Marae is a physical conduit which embraces our departed as they make their journey and return home…
He karere kia uru tūpāpaku ki runga i te marae
  • Whakatū Marae Administrator/Kaitiaki/Poutohuwhakahaere receives a request/is informed that whānau wish to bring their mate to the marae. Tangihanga is a priority for Whakatū Marae and a process begins to accommodate.
  • The Kaituitui or nominated person, in a timely manner will arrange a meeting with a whānau representative to talk about the various roles and responsibilities for hui mate. This discussion is to ensure that the whānau pani has everything they need and assures that Whakatū Marae places importance and priority to provide a haven and culturally appropriate environment for the Tangihanga. Skill and tact is required when discussing these details and should be reserved for those experienced in this.
    • When the whānau pani will arrive – duration of stay if known.
    • Catering aspects (whānau pani usually nominate a whānau member to coordinate this)
    • Assurance of the tikanga & kawa rituals applicable to Whakatū Marae during hui mate. Support needed for the whānau pani if any to ensure the cultural aspects are observed
    • Photos (deceased only) & flowers in Kaakati are welcomed
    • Financial aspects: an unset koha reflective to the use of facilities, 1st meal etc
    • At conclusion of the Tangihanga, final clean-up is the responsibility of the whānau pani.
    • Appointed contact person/s from whānau pani > appointed marae members                  
  • During the Tangihanga, it is important that the Kaitiaki/ or nominated marae member have a presence to offer support or information as may be needed.
  • Once the Tangihanga is finished the whānau pani is responsible for the final clean up before leaving the marae facilities. This is all facilities from Mauriora, Kaakati, outside areas etc. Where there are breakages, loss of assets, misplaced equipment or wear & tear outside of general use, it is hoped that the Tangihanga koha will cover this.
  • The paramount action for Whakatū Marae is to ensure that we embrace, support, and give comfort to the whānau pani and those accompanying them through this journey. We do not judge, expect, demand or cause undue stress – Ko te mea nui, he tangata!

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