Manaaki whenua, manaaki tāngata, haere whakamua

During the administration of your booking, we place an emphasis on trying our best to accommodate your request from dates, catering, venues and general needs. Please ensure that you give as much detail as possible on the booking form.

If there are further details that you feel we need to know, please do include this also. As outlined in previous notes, we will send a quote for your booking.

Once the quote is received, if you have questions or concerns please do contact us (Administrator/or Kaitiaki) so we can discuss this. Kōrero / talk are the best way to remove any misunderstanding or misplaced assumptions.

On receipt of quote from Whakatū Marae:

  1. Booking group/person may query price in which Administrator will respond
  2. Booking group/person will pay booking fee to secure dates & venue OR will cancel booking
  3. A receipt for the booking fee and outstanding balance will be emailed. Full payment for invoice must be made prior to your booked dates.

On a groups’ arrival:

  • A nominated person will come to Whakatū Marae office to talk with Administrator/ or Kaitiaki Punirawa
    • Monday-Friday between 9.00am-5.00pm. This can take place a day before
    • Any last-minute questions and/or details can be discussed
    • A tour of facilities is also available for new groups to the area
    • All facilities should be clean, equipped & prepared for your booking
  • Where the booking is outside of working hours, other arrangements can be made to accommodate this. Please do mention if this is the case with your booking dates

Pōwhiri ritual

  • When indicated on booking forms, a formal Pōwhiri is prepared to begin your stay here. Please refer to our website for specifics of Pōwhiri ritual as applies to Whakatū Marae.

During a groups stay

  • A FACILITIES book: is situated in the Wharekai/Mauriora. In cases of physical incidents specific to facilities, equipment, grounds cutlery, etc please log accurate accounts in this book.
  • A HEALTH book: is situated in the Wharekai/Mauriora. In cases of health/medical incidents specific to your stay while here at Whakatū Marae please log accurate accounts in this book.
  • A Visitors COMMENTS book is situated in the Wharekai/Mauriora. We enjoy reading your comments and receiving positive feedback as to how we may continue or improve the service we provide.
  • Where a situation arises which requires immediate attention, contact us.

On a groups’ departure:

  • A nominated person is asked to come to the office / administration to ensure that the facilities are secure
    • If a groups’ departure is on a weekend, other arrangements will be made to secure the facilities
    • As required, our Kaitiaki will come and walk through the facilities/grounds and discuss any issues that require dialogue or addressing before departure.

How to book

All bookings for the Whakatū Marae need to be made online using this form. If you have questions or need more information please contact us.
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